About Us

I have been an investor in cryptocurrency for many years now, through the huge rise and recent fall of values. I asked myself how I could find a way to avoid the volatility of the markets by investing in income-producing real estate. Unfortunately, I did not see an option available at the time.

This was around the same time I was invited to speak about cryptocurrency and its influence on the global economy at SLUSH Conference in Singapore. After my presentation, I began interacting with attendees living in Singapore and surrounding Asian countries. Many of the attendees I spoke with voiced their similar concerns with the volatility of the crypto markets and were looking for a safe place to invest their crypto. Coming from a cryptocurrency, real estate and crowdfunding background, I immediately saw huge potential to combine all three of these aspects.

However, when I brought up this new model, a new concern arose. Investors were concerned about the lack of liquidity in the real estate markets. With the typical real estate investment having a hold period of many years, our team figured out how the blockchain could fix this lack of liquidity by allowing investors to sell their ownership stake in a specific property with the push of a button through our platform; thus creating a liquid real estate market.

We launched RealtyReturns.io to help overseas investors and others avoid the volatility of the markets by securing their money in income generating properties and providing instant liquidity not previously offered by real estate.

– Manny Fernandez, Co-Founder, CEO


Singapore citizens are among the largest groups of foreign investors in U.S. real estate market. Foreign Chinese investors own over $28 billion in U.S. real estate.